Latest Competition Results


WA Twin Piece 2016

On Sunday 13th November, Merton Gymnastics Club sent two pairs of gymnasts to represent the club at the WA Twin Piece Competition, held at Heathrow Gymnastics Club. The girls competed against 31 other pairs from across the London Region, with each gymnast competing on two pieces of apparatus each. Team Purple, made up of Erika and Kalina, finished in 30th place. This was their first twin piece competition, so both gymnasts did extremely well, placing in the top 20 on floor and vault. Team Green, made up of Evie and Dani, finished in 28th place. This was the girls’ second twin piece competition, and they improved on their total score, as well as 3 of their apparatus scores, resulting in them moving up 3 places in the overall rankings. Coach Kirsty is very proud of all the girls.

Cheam Invitational – November 2016

On Sunday 13th November, 7 gymnasts competed at the Cheam Invitational Competition, hosted by Cheam Gymnastics Club. The gymnasts competed on floor and vault against gymnasts from other local London Clubs, and all did themselves and their coaches proud! Well done to the gymnasts on their achievements; Samira – 5th place, Denisa – 5th place, Julia – 4th place, Athena – Bronze medal, Sahaarsh – Silver medal, Alex – Silver medal and Kayan – Gold medal. Thank you to Jacob for judging , and to Elaine and Rebekah for supporting the gymnasts on the day.






cheam2 cheam-4

Merton GC Sparkle at London Festival

On Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October, the display team from Merton Gymnastics Club took to the floor to perform at the London Festival of Gymnastics at Brentwood Leisure Centre in Essex. The festival takes place annually, with display teams from across the UK, and sometimes overseas, coming together to showcase routines of all standards, from beginners to elite level national champions. Merton’s team of 13 gymnasts and coaches performed a group routine to a Destiny’s Child medley in front of a huge audience, incorporating dance, acro, tumbling and gymnastics skills. It was the club’s 13th year attending the London Festival, but only the first time that the team had performed on both days. The gymnasts, coaches and chaperones had a great time, and even managed to fit in a couple of rounds at Laser Quest, with Kirsty being crowned champion in both games! Thanks go to Daniel Chambers for choreographing a fantastic routine, and encouraging the team to put on such a great performance.



Crystal Cup – October 2016

On Sunday 2nd October, 15 gymnasts from Merton Gymnastics Club competed in the Crystal Cup at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. Hosted by Crystal Palace Gymnastics Club, this is a friendly, invitational competition with floor & vault, and women’s artistic sections. 6 girls took part in the floor and vault competiton, with 9 girls competing in the women’s artistic competition, and for some it was their first taste of competing on beam and bars. They all performed beautifully, achieving a fantastic medal haul;

  Beam Vault Range & Conditioning
Megan Gold Gold Bronze
Skyla Silver
Amber Silver Bronze
Azaria Bronze Silver
Erika Bronze
Kalina Silver
Cheyanne Gold
















Cheam Invitational Competition 20th March 2016

On Sunday 20th March, nine gymnasts from Merton Gymnastics Club attended the Cheam Invitational Competition, hosted by Cheam Gymnastics Club. For all but one of the gymnasts, this was their first competition. The gymnasts performed extremely well, competing against gymnasts from nine other London Clubs on floor and vault, with some great results. Gymnasts finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd received medals, and those finishing 4th, 5th and 6th received flowers:

Bianka Drozd – 1st place – 8yrs age group
Skyla Brewster – 2nd place – 8yrs age group
Megan van Rensburg & Alexia Falcica – joint 2nd place – 11yrs age group
Anna Maria Newman – 5th place – 10yrs age group
Amelia Loader – 5th place – 9 ½ yrs age group
Anya Patel – 6th place – 9 ½ yrs age group
Skye Hosein – 7th place – 8yrs age group
Miruna Falcica – 9th place – 12yrs age group

Despite being nervous, all gymnasts did a fantastic job, making their coaches very proud. Thank you to Elaine Reece and Lisa Walden for accompanying the gymnasts on the day, providing support and guidance to all of the gymnasts.

Megan & Alexia
Megan & Alexia








Bianka & Skyla
Bianka & Skyla







Amelia & Anya
Amelia & Anya







London Regional Floor and Vault Competitions

Merton Gymnastics Club gymnasts recently competed at the London Regional Floor & Vault competitions on the 27th & 28th February, and the 5th & 5th March at Redbridge Sport and Leisure Centre.

The competition consists of 9 levels, where gymnasts are required to achieve benchmark scores on both floor and vault in order to receive their pin to move up a level. Each level is split into age groups, with medals and ribbons being awarded for 6th to 1st places. Merton Gymnastics Club sent 28 gymnasts to compete, with 13 achieving their pins, 4 receiving ribbons, and 2 medal winners, including 2 Regional Champions and a Floor Champion! The coaches and parents are immensely proud of all of the gymnasts that competed, and would like to congratulate them for their hard work and dedication during training.


White Level

Libby Thompson – White pin

Libby Thompson.1









Blue Level
Julia Weglewska – Blue pin

Julia Weglewska.1









Natalie Mayo – Blue pin
Athena Aidoo – Blue pin
Cheyanne Rose-Clark – blue pin and 6th place

Cheyanne Rose-Clarke.1









Jamille Pryce – Blue pin and Gold medal (London Regional Champion)

Jamille Pryce.1









Amber Hughes – Blue pin, Gold medal and floor trophy (London Regional Champion and Floor Champion)

Amber Hughes_1








Bronze Level

Samira Shardow – 5th place

Samira Shardow.1









Erika Townsend – Bronze pin

Erika Townsend.1









Silver Level

Alex Hill – Silver pin

GYM_8595 (1)









Jemma Baty – Silver pin

Jemma Baty









Kornelija Abramaviciute – Silver pin

Kornelija Abramaviciute 2.1









Danielle Holland-Durrant – Silver pin and 6th place

Danielle Holland-Durrant









Evie Thompson – Silver pin and 5th place

Evie Thompson.1









Crystal Cup Competition – Sunday 17th January

Once again, Crystal Palace Gymnastics Club invited us to compete at their friendly invitational competition, held at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. 12 gymnasts represented Merton Gymnastics Club, with 5 competing in their first artistic competition.

Lacy Smith, Cassie Thompson, Cheyanne Rose-Clarke, Amber Hughes and Jamille Pryce all performed routines on beam, bars, tumble and range & conditioning, against some gymnasts that have already competed at a regional level. All 5 girls did extremely well, with Cheyanne coming away with a silver medal in her age group!

Jemma Baty, Dani Holland-Durrant and Evie Thompson also competed in the artistic levels, with Dani finishing 4th, and Evie and Jemma both achieving bronze medals.

Julia Weglewska, Shamitha Sivasubramaniam, Piranaya Sutharshan and Emily Coixao all competed in the floor and vault level, with Julia winning a bronze medal and Shamitha doing brilliantly to win the Gold!

Well done to all of the gymnasts. As always, your coaches are very proud of you!




















































Cheam Invitational Floor & Vault competition

On Sunday 6th December, 17 gymnasts attended the Cheam Invitational Floor & Vault competition at Cheam High School. All gymnasts performed extremely well, achieving the following results in their respective age groups:

Emily Coixao – 6th place & Natalie Voltarello – 3rd place (bronze medal)










Amber Hughes – 6th place










Julia Weglewska – 6th place










Cassie Thompson – 5th place










Alex Hill – 5th place

Samira Shardow – 3rd place (bronze medal)









Ruben Mangatal-Francis – 3rd place (bronze medal)










Caleb Mangatal-Francis – 2nd place (silver medal)










Kayan Patel – 2nd place (silver medal)










See links below for full results

Round One results
Round Two results
Round Three results
Round Four results

Also, a huge thank you to Lisa and Elaine for giving up their Sunday to accompany the gymnasts. It was a long day, but worth it to see the gymnasts all performing brilliantly.

WA Twin Piece Competition – Sunday 8th November – Heathrow Gymnastics Club

For the first time in over 11yrs, Merton Gymnastics Club were represented at a Women’s Artistic competition by the amazing Danielle Holland-Durrant and Evie Thompson. Competing on two pieces each, Dani on Beam & Vault, Evie on Floor & Bars, both girls performed extremely well in a group of over 30 junior pairs. Dani did brilliantly, sticking her beam and competing a handspring vault for the first time. Evie completed a fantastic bar routine by circling up on high bar for the first time and introducing a front somersault into her floor routine. Their coach, Kirsty, couldn’t be prouder, and is looking forward to the next set of competitions in 2016.









Crystal Cup

On Sunday 1st November, Merton Gymnastics Club sent 6 gymnasts to compete at the Crystal Cup at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. As always, Crystal Palace Gymnastics Club hosted a lovely competition, with all gymnasts receiving a participation medal and flower, and 4 of our gymnasts achieving medals;

-Jamille Pryce – 2nd place







-Anna Maria Newman – 3rd place
-Julia Weglewska – 3rd place
-Erika Townsend – 3rd place on tumble






Well done also to Caleb Mangatal-Francis and Amber Hughes for performing excellently.

The London Festival of Gymnastics

On Sunday 18th October, Merton Gymnastics Club, based at Canons Leisure Centre, sent their display team to perform at The London Festival of Gymnastics in Brentwood, Essex. This is Merton Gymnastics Club’s 12th year of performing at the London Festival, which is a fantastic event held over 3 days to showcase a variety of gymnastics disciplines from beginners right up to world champion performances.
The team of 12 gymnasts and coaches, aged 12-29yrs, performed their ‘Grease’ routine to an audience of over 200, alongside teams from across the UK, and Denmark!
The team did a fantastic job at representing their club, with some great feedback from parents and the event organisers. Having already performed at GymFusion London and GymFusion Guildford in May and July respectively, this was a great way to end the year, with the team already thinking about what next year’s theme is going to be!
A huge well done to Ella, Darcey, Samira, Lucy, Lois, Kirsty,  Dan,  Rebekah, Tahirah, Matthew, Chloe and Jacob, from all of your coaches, parents and fellow gymnasts at Merton Gymnastics Club! All the hard work paid off.








GymFusion Guildford

On Sunday 19th July the display team performed their ‘Grease’ routine at GymFusion Guildford at the Guildford Spectrum. Despite being a member down and lots of last minute changes, they still managed to pull off a crowd-pleasing performance, with lots of cheers and encouragement from the audience.

Well done to Ella, Darcey, Lucy, Lois, Kirsty, Dan, Rebekah, Chloe C, Tahirah, Samira and Jacob. They are now hard at work preparing for their next performance at the London Festival of Gymnastics in October, where they will be joined by Matthew to bring the team back up to 12 members.







London Regional Floor and Vault Competitions – White, Silver & Gold levels 2015

On the 6th & 7th June, a total of 19 Gymnast’s from the club took part in the London Regional Floor and Vault Competition – White, Silver & Gold Level, with some brilliant results.

Gymnasts achieving white pins:

  • Amber (plus winner of the Floor Trophy)
  • Cheyanne
  • Shamitha
  • Athena
  • Anne
  • Kerene
  • Jamille
  • Julia
  • Kacey
  • Piranaya
  • Oliwia
  • Caleb
  • Kayan (plus 6th place ribbon)
Caleb with his pin
Caleb with his pin
Caleb on the floor
Caleb on the floor










Gymnasts achieving Silver pins:

  • Charlie (plus a 4th place ribbon)

Additional Results:

  • Matthew finished 5th at Silver level and won the Vault Trophy








More brilliant results from another weekend of competition. A massive well done to all the Gymnasts who took part- your coaches are extremely proud!

“Well done to all of the gymnasts – you are all stars!” – Kirsty


London Regional Floor and Vault Competition – Blue & Bronze 30th and 31st of May 2015

On the 30th & the 31st of May, a total of 29 Gymnast’s from the club took part in the London Regional Floor and Vault Competition – Blue & Bronze Level, with some fantastic results.

Round 1

Darcey & Jemma moved to Silver level

Dani moved up to Silver and won a silver medal

Anna Maria won the floor trophy in her age group.

Dani and her Silver Medal!












Round 3

Kalina and Nia both moved up to Silver, with Nia achieving 5th place

Nia wither her pin and ribbon









Round 4

Django moved up to bronze level and Jasmine moved up to silver level.

Round 5

Amelia moved up to bronze level and Ruben moves up to silver level with a 6th place ribbon.

Ruben and his pin
Ruben and his pin and ribbon
Ruben on the floor
Ruben on the floor










Round 6

Sando moved up to bronze level, Evie moved up to Silver level with the bronze medal and Alex finished in 5th place with a pin

Alex with his pin and ribbon
Alex on the floor
Alex on the floor









Round 7

Dafina, Samira & Katie all moved up to Bronze level, with Dafina and Samira finishing 6th and Samira won the Vault trophy in her age group.











Micah, Brandon, Ben and Kornelija all move up to Silver level, with Kornelija finishing 6th

Well done Boys!
Well done Boys!










Kornelija  with her pin and ribbon
Kornelija with her pin and ribbon









What Brilliant Results and well done to all the Gymnasts who took part, you should all be very proud of yourselves, your coaches sure are!

“Fab weekend. Well done to every single gymnast – you are all brilliant!” – Kirsty


GymFusion London – Sunday 17th May – Bromley Churchill Theatre

A massive WELL DONE to the display team who performed their Grease routine for the first time this year in front of an amazing audience!

14 teams from clubs across London (and some further afield) performed in the Sunday morning show. It was the first time the event had been held in a theatre, which really did add an extra something to the experience.

On a stage, with professional lighting and sound, Merton Gymnastics Club’s display team put their all into their new routine. For some of our members, it was their first experience of performing at a festival, and they did themselves and the rest of the team proud. Our next performance will be at GymFusion Guildford on the 19th July, so please come along to support the team, and to see some brilliant routines from the other clubs.


Display Team
Display Team


Cheam Invitational Floor and Vault Competition – 8th March 2015

On Sunday 8th March 10 gymnasts competed at the Cheam Invitational Floor and Vault competition, with some fantastic results!

Ruben Mangatal-Francis, Alex Hill and Ella Viera all won Gold medals, Saharsh Sivasubramaniam and Aiden Evans won silver medals, Brandon Tran, Nia McKenzie and Ryan Connolly all won bronze medals, and Darcey Walden and Harry May both finished in 4th place.

All gymnasts performed extremely well, and your coaches, parents and fellow gymnasts are very proud of you!)

Ella Viera, Nia McKenzie & Darcey Walden
Ella Viera & Darcey Walden







Ruben Mangatal-Francis, Aiden Evans & Brandon Tran
Ruben Mangatal-Francis, Aiden Evans & Brandon Tran









Alex Hill,Saharsh Sivasubramaniam,Ryan Connolly, Harry May
Alex Hill,Saharsh Sivasubramaniam,Ryan Connolly, Harry May









Well Done Boys!
Well Done Boys!