Fundraising Update

Thanks to the club’s fundraising efforts last year, we have been able to purchase a new coaching block, foam springboard, floor bars and cartwheel mat.

Thank you for your support in making this possible!

The club are also awaiting delivery of a new vaulting horse, courtesy of Canons Leisure Centre.

Easter Raffle – £84 raised

Onesie Day – £28 raised

Sponsored Walk – £40 raised so far (thanks go to Marlis, Mat, Rich, Susie and Caz for taking part, and to Stami for donating. Also to Jacqui, for assisting with set-up and marshalling)

Easter Egg Raffle Winners:

1st Lachlan Reals (413)

2nd Martin Morgan (313)

3rd Alexis Walsh (440)

4th Harry May (517)

5th Katie Richards (457)

6th Elaine Reece (549)

7th Aidan Evans (539)

8th Evie, Cassie & Libby Thompson (575)

9th Beatrice Sibson (330)

10th Martin Morgan (312)

11th Harry May (518)


It would be great to hear from you with your ideas – please speak to Ann (Ella’s mum) or Marlis (Ruben & Caleb’s mum)